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Fitness is the Answer…

…whenever the question is your physical shape!

With a notion that fitness activities are not just mere 3 times a week routine, but rather a day-to-day lifestyle, we have opened a first of our fitness centers in the city… When we were asking ourselves, whether we would be able to offer something different to what other fitness studios do offer, we found the answer. It was – a skilled team of trainers!

— Amanda Smith

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Fitness for Men?

Why Not! These men found it awesome!

Since the time our fitness salon opened up its doors for the very first time, there always was a conventional feeling that fitness is more of a girly thing, than a manly one. No one could have been more wrong! Just in the last 10 years our fitness center’s men/women attendees ration skyrocketed from 10/90 to 35/65! This means that each third of our fitness club’s attendees is a man who just loves keeping up in shape while doing fitness!

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